Studio 211 Guitar and Bass Lessons Downtown Toronto
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Through the years I've taught literally hundreds of students of all ages, abilities and styles. My approach has always been to focus on the individual interests of each student - so classes are tailored to suit your needs and goals. I don't use a "standard" method book for teaching but rather I develop a course of study based on a combination of my own materials and that of some of my favorite authors works. Of course it all begins with each persons age, current ability and their musical aspirations My vast teaching experience allows me to quickly key into ones musical aptitude and from there, build a balanced curriculum which helps the student work on their weaknesses (perhaps rhythm skills) as well as their strengths (perhaps a good ear). I always strive to make my lessons fun, inspirational and as productive as possible!

The casual atmoshpere in my professionally equipped studio provides a great environment in which to learn. Both Guitar Lessons and Bass lessons can be taken as Semi-Private classes for those wishing to learn with a friend or family member. I teach Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Folk and Classical or American Fingerstyle on acoustic or electric guitar. Either an electric or acoustic guitar can be provided for your use in the lessons. Amplifiers, cables and microphones etc are also supplied. Students can make full use of my studio with an available mixer and microphones for practicing your songs, recording equipment for demo projects, jam along drum loops for Bass players and Ryhthm Training(strumming) for Guitarists. I also have a large library of full-band jam tracks for practicing soloing and other improvisation techniques. I use Guitar Pro 6 for immediate transcripts of lesson materials such as exercises and songs for Bass, Guitar, vocal exercises and theory!

Private & Group lessons are available Monday to Saturday.



Five half-hour sessions - $160.00
Five one-hour sessions - $260.00


FIVE Half-hour sessions for TWO people costs $125.00 per person
FIVE One-hour sessions for TWO people costs $175.00 per person
FIVE Half-hour sessions for THREE people costs$100.00 per person
FIVE One-hour sessions for THREE people costs $150.00 per person

Please notify me 24 hrs in advance if you need to reschedule a class!
Please note lessons are non-refundable.


Guitar and Bass Lessons at Studio 211 Toronto!


Are you interested in performing but have never really had an opportunity to be on a stage? Each year I provide my students with an option to play live in a band or even as a solo performer! This event is open to all ages and levels and is an excellent way to apply everything your learning in your private lessons! Check out the Band Program link for more details and some videos from past performances!

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Adult and Young Beginners

Often over-looked fundamentals such as a relaxed posture, left and right hand postions, variable thumb postions on the back of the neck, holding a pick etc are demonstrated in detail. This will certainly speed up your progress in getting the most musical sound out of your playing. Basic chord shapes are taught with an emphasis on proper strumming technique and rhythm skills. I cannot stress enough the importance of practicing rhythm and learning how to count. Being able to keep a beat and play rhythm are the most essential skills for any musician. I prefer to teach students songs almost right away to implement all the rhythm patterns and techniques you are learning, to reinforce the shapes and names of chords and of course to develop a repertoire. Learning lots of songs is not only the most fun way to become a good player it's the best way to develop your abilities as each of the component parts of playing music are broken down and rehearsed! At the end of the day, it's all about playing music isn't it?

Intermediate/Advanced - Electric Guitar

Depending on the musical direction you want to take, students can learn to play many different styles of music and techniques or just focus on one - it's up to you. Learn to play Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop or Country and Folk and learn to solo over any of those styles. Students will be learning the upper registers of the fingerboard and will be able to play all basic chords and scale formations in those upper positions. From there we'll learn things like the Major/Minor scales, more complicated chord formations, Harmonized Scales, Chord progressions, Modes and Ear Training. We`ll be going through many illustrations using songs and wicked backing tracks!

Intermediate/Advanced - Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar players may want to get more into finger-picking, advanced rhythm and flat-picking techniques, playing slide, various alternate guitar tunings, music theory for improving your song writing skills, work on co-ordinating your singing voice with your guitar playing and anything else you want to do musically!


Guitar and Bass Lessons at Studio 211 Toronto!

Kieran Doyle 2016 - Guitarist/Vocalist

5th year student at Studio 211 Kieran Doyle performing amazingly in his 5th student concert at the Tranzac Club in Toronto!


Adult and Young Beginners

Bass players can learn to play Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Country, Pop, Reggae and other "World Music" styles as well.
Total beginners will learn the chromatic scales in various positions for dexterity in all the fingers and proper technique development. This will also reinforce simple fundamental theoretical concepts such as the Musical Alphabet, it's enharmonic spellings and your knowledge of the notes on the fingerboard. Everything you play should be done in a musical context with beat and rhythm. Reading rhythm is an essential skill and you will learn to master even complex rhythms reading standard notation. Simple bass lines based on Pentatonic Major/Minor scales and some simple major/minor triad formations are learned next usually within the context of some typical Blues and popular music forms.


Got Chops? Now your ready for some more advanced fingerings for the Major/Minor scales, Chord construction, Harmonized Scales, Chord progressions, Modes, Ear Training and more difficult rhythm concepts! (A.K.A Flea!).
Musicianship - your overall ability as a player - depends on things such as:
a) Your technical ability - Technique allows expression and feel.
b) Your knowledge of your instrument - knowing your axe allows you to improvise and react in "real-time".
c) Your theoretical knowledge - once you know it, you learn how to hear it, then you can feel it.

We'll focus on the styles you want to play and from there build a wicked repertoire of Basslines to songs, riffs and licks! And....if your game, how's that singing voice? Bass players who can sing harmonies and or some lead vocals are very much in demand and I can help you with those skills.


Guitar and Bass Lessons at Studio 211 Toronto!

Michael Schmidt - Bassist