Studio 211 Guitar and Bass Lessons Downtown Toronto
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Guitar and Bass Lessons Toronto - David Alan Glabais!


Guitar And Bass Lessons Studio 211 Toronto!

Paul Schofield - Saxophone, Diana Gallagher Roy - Saxophone 2016

Guitar And Bass Lessons Studio 211 Toronto!


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My greatest musical Mother:)

Beryl Glabais!

Beryl Edythe Glabais 1953

A small but loving tribute to my musical Mother. This is the first time my mother picked up a guitar in a year after Chemo Therapy and multiple blood transfusions combating Leukemia. She was 78 yrs old here and succumbed to her illness at 79yrs August 25, 2015.

Having studied with several teachers through my teen years taking Piano, Voice and Guitar lessons, I had decided to embark on my formal music education which began in 1985 in Boston at Berklee College of Music .
After gaining my certificate from Berklee, I enrolled in the 3yr Jazz Program at Humber College in Toronto. It was a great privelage to study with a fabulous Guitarist and Teacher, the late Peter Harris. Peter's motivational talks and demonstrations led me to practice correctly and my progress in my first year was such that I earned Humbers' prestigious award for outstanding achievement. One of my proudest accomplishments for sure:) A very heart-felt thank you Peter!
Upon my completetion of Humbers Jazz program, I began teaching Guitar and Bass lessons full-time and gigging in Duo/Solo acts and in small combos. I continued my musical studies part-time at York University where I learned many key components of World music rhythms and melodies. This was a great eye-opener to the cultural styles that are evident today - especially rhythmically - in many progressive Rock bands!

Along with a very busy teaching schedule these days, I'm working on video recording my original songs as well as student projects, building online lesson content and a series of Ebooks with video and audio tracks included. Soon I hope to be rolling out a new website with a blog format which will give students an opportunity for converstation and sharing ideas with other students and musicians. I intend for this blog to also help feature student talent and to provide additional resources to students and subscribers with tools such as rhythm and backing tracks for learning how to play guitar and bass. There will also be additional resources for other musicianship skills such as improving vocals, rhythm training, theory, ear training etc. I appreciate any feedback or comments you may have and I hope I have the pleasure of hearing from you soon! Please feel free to check out my Facebook page where you will find student concert highlights with video and photos! Thank you so much for visiting me online, Til' then Rock on!

Sincerest wishes in all your musical endeavors! Dave Glabais 2016

Guitar and Bass Lessons at Studio 211 Toronto!

Guitar and Bass Lessons at Studio 211 Toronto!

Guitar and Bass Lessons at Studio 211 Toronto!